Asociación Tierra – Ideas for 2016

We are beginning to generate ideas about how Asocacion Tierra can move forward, deepening and improving our current work and expanding into new areas. The beginning of 2016 will see some welcome new additions to the membership of the NGO as we involve more members of the communities where we work into the decision making processes.

Some ideas we already have for the New Year are….

  • to work with schools and the Ministry of Education on anti bullying initiatives – this is especially important for disabled children who attend mainstream school as they are very vulnerable
  • several groups have approached us asking for more support in forming folklore dance groups and traditional music bands – as well as teaching this to children and young people
  • to deepen our community links in Palo Solo (where our nature reserve Cañada Honda is situated), especially to help the small farmers with planting trees for windbreaks and soil conservation
  • to work more closely with already existing groups of young environmentalists in La Concha, such as Pachamama
  • to offer training and employment to young people as nature and bird watching guides in Palo Solo
  • to continue to improve the conditions at Los Pipitos (the center for disabled children) especially in relation to their latrine
  • a dream would be to bring together our organic gardening projects and work with disabled young people – offering them training and work in the gardens

We can do this and more (check out our track record of achievment!) but not without resources. Please donate whatever you can to help us in 2016!

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