Responding to Emergencies & Requests for Help

At Asociación Tierra and La Mariposa we have always done our best to respond to one off requests for help whether from individuals or families, communities or neighbouring organisations. This work varies enormously and below we just offer a few (fairly random) examples.

In 2013 the Masaya Volcano was ravaged by an enormous fire, some estimates put the damage at 25% of the forest (dry Pacific forest) in the national park.


Damage to the grassland part of the park

 This is a vitally important  resource, not only for tourists, but for local wildlife and biodiversity. So we sent in volunteers to help fight the fire, bought equipment  – the fire had to be fought using nothing more than machetes and back packs filled with water, sprayed by hand. We bought boots for the park guards, as theirs had melted, and even sent in some refreshing watermelon!

We are often asked for small amounts of money to help, for example, with repairs, with special events in schools and community centers. The local secondary school, together with a Peace Corps volunteer, has installed a library and we helped by putting up the ceiling.  Constructed of sustainable caniza, grown locally, Asocacion Tierra provided all of the labour.